Kerala Houseboat Tours

Exploring the ancient artifacts and sites of India while being introduced to the local culture can be easily facilitated with a Kerala houseboat tour. A Kerala houseboat vacation can allow the traveler to have the modern comforts of home including amenities like modern washroom facilties, luxurious amenities that can bring the comforts of home.

Learning about the various destinations that are available through Kerala, India can be a great way to help the planning process while considering a houseboat trip in India.

Here are some of the popular house boating destinations in India:

Kumarakom is a location that allows the traveler to experience bird sanctuaries and lagoons through the bay that is filled with coconut trees. Along the travels, the traveler can expect to see firsthand the village life in India through the small villages that can be passed through. Docking the boat and completing the excursions to the local villages can allow for a vacation that includes more than sitting on a resort, the India houseboat vacation can allow the traveler to experience the local community.

Vembaned Lake is another popular houseboat tourist destination while house boating in India. This large lake covers more than two hundred meters and allows the traveler the opportunity to take part in events like ‘the Snake Boat Race’. This area has been compared to Venice in the past, as the majority of action and events taking place through the water where Houseboats have become the norm and a great way to experience everything that Kerala has to offer.

The backwaters of Kerala are another important destination to be considered. Through the back waters there are more than fifteen hundred meters of canals that are waiting to be explored and local diverse culture that is waiting to be discovered. Bordering the Arabian Sea, excursions to the various coasts can be easily facilitated. Backwaters Kerala houseboat vacations can be some of the most memorable of a lifetime.

There are thirty-eight rivers that feed into the backwaters and many of these rivers are accessible by the smaller sized houseboats, but also through excursions that can be planned while the houseboat is docked, allowing the traveler to explore the new landscape.

Kerala Houseboating in India is one of the most popular forms of vacationing to allow the traveler to experience the diversity the country has to offer. Derived from houseboats of the past that were created with planks and tied from coconut ropes, modern houseboat vacations have many of the amenities associated with home, on the sea.