Houseboat Manufacturers

A houseboat is a large scale purchase, one of the largest that many people are going to make in their lifetime, with prices ranging upwards of one hundred thousand dollars – some even upwards of several hundred thousand dollars.

Researching the various houseboats that are being considered for purchase can be an effective way to help make the decision. Comparing the various houseboat manufacturers can help the buyer to determine quality, reputation and the amenities and features that are available on each of the houseboats.

Some of the top manufacturers that can be chosen from while renting the houseboat include:

Blue Water Houseboats was one of the first original companies that crafted houseboats, as well as being the first company to create a fifty foot gas engine houseboat that included one fiberglass piece throughout the hull.

Ahoy Houseboats have become a popular choice with families or vacationers that are seeking pontoon styles of houseboats that are easily moved from place to place to enjoy the vacation but also offer budget friendly options for the pontoon houseboats. The simple design of the houses ensures that the price remains affordable, allowing everyone to enjoy a houseboat vacation. They are one of the main pontoon houseboat manufacturers.

American Waterways offer some of the most high-end boats that are available. Through the high end construction and design, to the quality that has come to be associated with the name, buyers will often be faced with a price tag upwards of several hundred thousand dollars for the quality and the amenities that are provided to the vacationer on board. They are a prominent luxury houseboat manufacturer.

Fun Country Marines is the manufacturer of the many styles that are found through rental companies. These styles of houseboats can be easily used for a family vacation and include the amenities like the signature slide that is included through the top of the boat. These houseboats are a popular choice for customers when it comes to rental, but can also be surprisingly affordable for customers that are willing to buy the houseboat for the vacationing experience as well.

Researching the various house boat manufacturers and models is best before any sort of houseboat shopping has begun. Learning about the amenities and features of each models, as well as learning the comparable prices for both used and new models can be the most effective way to ensure that the right choice has been made for the needs of the family or the company that is buying the houseboat.