Alleppey Houseboat Rental

White sandy beaches and lush greenery provide the backdrop for the emerald colored waters of Alleppey, where house boaters can experience the best of ...


White sandy beaches and lush greenery provide the backdrop for the emerald colored waters of Alleppey, where house boaters can experience the best of both worlds when it comes to planning a week away. Not only will the house boater experience the lush greenery of the forest – but in contrast they can enjoy the coves with white sandy beaches perfect for swimming.
With the intricate system of canals, it has never been easier to discover everything through the area. The canals can be simple to navigate and are the reason that Alleppey has been called the ‘Venice of the East’.

House boaters from across the globe flock to Alleppey for the Nehru Trophy Boat race that takes place every year. Taking place from August to October, the colorful boat race is something to see and can create an image of the water filled with colorful boaters in their colorful garments, paddling in uniform. Taking place through the Onam Festival, this is actually one of the largest team sports in the entire world. The site can be easily experienced through a house boat trip that has been planned through the summer months.

Enjoying the race in comfort has never been easier as the majority of styles of house boats that are available boast all of the modern comforts of home and include more than eighty feet of luxury accommodations. Made of a specific kind of wood that is local to the area, the houseboats are a luxury that can allow you to enjoy the true beauty of the area without ever leaving the water. As an added bonus, you can easily find that you are able to boat to the specific areas that you would like to see in Alleppey, enjoying the time that is spent while traveling instead of wasting it away.

Once the race has been enjoyed, the vacationers can take the time to enjoy one of the most popular beaches in the area, Alleppey Beach. Alleppey Beach is filled with palm trees and can even allow visitors to see the more than one hundred year old port that reaches out to the water. The pier was used more than a hundred years ago when Alleppey Beach was used as a port and allows visitors to have a glimpse into the history of the local area.

There are many houseboat companies that can be chosen from but the customer should book early if going through the high season to ensure that they are going to be able to find accommodations.

Murray River Houseboat Rental


Close to Melbourne, the Murray River is one of the most popular destinations for house boating in Australia. Murray River has something for everyone on the houseboat vacation to exploring life at the turn of the century with a tourist attraction that can allow you to ride on a horse drawn carriage and explore the wharf set up just as it was more than one hundred years ago – allowing you to truly step back in time.

With the Barmah forest close by, there is never a shortage of sights to see while Houseboating and because of the location you can easily complete two styles of vacations in one, with views of the lush forest and the close proximity to the water to take part of water adventures and sports that can be completed through the day.

Though you may be under the impression that houseboats can be some of the most expensive vacations to go on in Melbourne and surrounding area, there are many ways that you can save money. Since most of the boats are able to accommodate up to ten people, choosing to vacation with friends and family members and splitting the cost of the houseboat rental fee can allow you to vacation for under-fifty dollars per night.

The only other fees that are associated with the houseboat are the fees for the parking at the parking lot through the marina and the cost for fuel and food aboard the houseboat. Other activities can allow you to easily play for free exploring the shoreline and the forest and tourist attractions in the area.

One of the most popular tourist attractions in the area allows the visitor to have a taste of what life was like in the 1900s with tourist point at Echuca. From the steam mill to the iconic wharf, this is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the area that can allow you to experience life as you have never known it and retreat back to the modern accommodations on the houseboat.

While choosing between the various houseboat companies it is important to consider which tourist destinations are going to be seen while on vacation. If you are only spending a weekend away it is important to choose a houseboat company close to the places that are on the list to be seen. Rich River Houseboats is one of the closest rental companies to Echuca, and you can easily rent the boat and venture out to a time more than a century ago while exploring the area.

Lake Lanier Houseboat Rental


Exploring Lake Lanier by houseboat can help visitors to experience the best of Georgia. Just forty five minutes north of Atlanta, it is easily accessible and one of the most popular destinations for people that are seeking a weekend away from the city to explore one of the largest reservoirs in the area.

The views are spectacular through the shoreline and there are nearly seven hundred miles of shoreline that can be explored with a Lake Lanier houseboat rental. Trees line the hundreds of miles of shoreline and create a view that is peaceful and serene, a great comparison to life in the city.

At the Southern shore of the lake there is one of the most popular attractions, the waterpark. Through the summer months, this is one of the busiest places around the lake with families and visitors coming to enjoy the sites of the lake.

Buford Dam is another top attraction through the area that can be seen by heading north on the houseboat through the area and is a great destination and choice for those spending a few days on the lake.

While renting a houseboat, there are certain things that should be considered. It is important to consider, including the size of the houseboat that is going to be rented. The larger the size of the houseboat and the more amenities that are available on the houseboat, the higher the price of the houseboat for the rental and this is essential to remember when it comes to the rental that is going to be chosen.

It is important to consider the amount of people that are going to be going on the vacation. The amount of people on the vacation can often determine the type and style of houseboat that is going to be rented, as well as the size of the houseboat. There are houseboats available that can accommodate up to fifteen people with up to five bedrooms on the boat. Cost sharing through the rental with family or friends can be a great way to explore Lake Lanier, on a budget – as the average two thousand dollars rental cost can be drastically reduced.

Comparing the cost between the different houseboat rental companies on Lake Lanier as well as comparing the times of travel is the best way to find the best rate for the houseboat and enjoy more time on the water.

Hawkesbury Houseboat Rental


Floating through a new terrain can leave many exciting new experiences from new colors of water, coves and even new fishing experiences. Thinking of exploring the outback? Perhaps you should consider exploring it on houseboat, truly allowing you to experience the natural beauty that is associated with the Australian experience.

There are many models of houseboats that are available to choose from while exploring Hawkesbury, outside of Sydney. You can choose from luxurious houseboats that include spa like amenities and even budget friendly styles of barges that are some of the most popular choices for people that are visiting the lake for the weekend and seeking a no-frills way to fish while boating.

What are some of the things that houseboat vacationers can see while in Hawkesbury? While exploring Hawkesbury, visitors can look forward the fresh and lush greenery that can be seen while drifting along the shorelines.

There are more than six islands that can be seen with a Hawkesbury houseboat rental, allowing the visitor to get out ans explore the islands on the way. This way, you can create new adventures through shorelines that are going to be newly explored, while easily hopping back on the houseboat for lunch and making your way to the next island that can be explored.

How long should you plan for the houseboat excursion on Hawkesbury? Located just fifty miles away from Sydney, it’s easy to get to Hawkesbury and therefore many people choose weekend adventures to explore parts of the lake or to take part in the popular fishing that can be facilitated through the houseboats.

Fishing is a popular reason to visit the lake and many companies that rent larger scale versions of the houseboats that are available will often include smaller boats that can be used for small fishing excursions from a traditional houseboat, unless a barge has been rented for the fishing trip.

Another popular event through the course of the year is the popular canoe race that takes place in November. At this time, there are many people that venture out to Hawkesbury to take part in the race or to view the race that is taking place.

Planning the vacation around the activities that would like to be completed while spending time on the houseboat can help the visitor to get the most from the vacation, especially in the case that they are not from the area.

Dale Hollow Houseboat Rental


Dale Hollow by houseboat can bring a whole new light to one of the most popular destinations in Tennessee. Are you looking for a place that you can go to relax and enjoy wildlife and hundreds of miles of shoreline while boating along at your own pace, enjoying everything that Dale Hollow has to offer?

A houseboat vacation can enable the family to come together exploring the area while spending time together taking part in water sports, exploring shorelines and experiencing the local vibe through the shoreline restaurants and tourist hot spots.

One of the most popular destinations throughout the lake is Wisdom Resort, a company that offers houseboat rentals but also offers the versatility that comes with Lakeside cabins. For the vacationer that is seeking a combination of houseboat and cottage vacation, it has never been easier through properties like Wisdom Lake.

Views through the six hundred miles of shoreline are stunning through the evening and sunrise with the sun setting and rising over the beautiful Cumberland Mountains. Floating through the lake can be as simple as romantic getaway or can provide the family with the time that is needed to reconnect and find themselves together, away from the technology and other elements that can impede the family from spending time together.

Throughout the summer months, visitors can take part in fishing tournaments that are facilitated through the Dale Hollow Marina. For as little as fifty dollars, boats can take part in the tournaments and compete for exciting prizes. For the fisherman, there are many exicitng opportunities and trips that wait at Dale Hollow – and can allow you to create a weekend long fishing trip from the houseboat exploring various areas of the lake and trying your luck through different fishing holes.

From fishing boats and pontoons that can be rented through the weekend at rock-bottom and budget friendly prices to luxury houseboats that can cost thousands of dollars and include many of the amenities of home, there are many choices that are available for visitors to choose from – depending on their budget and the expectations that are in line for the vacation that has been booked.

By considering the number of guests, the type of vacation, and even the type of accommodations that you would like through the vacation can help to create a Dale Hollow houseboat rental that best suits your needs.

Lake Travis Houseboat Rental


Lake Travis houseboat rentals can provide you with the option to rent a budget friendly houseboat from one of the local rental companies, or provide you with an option to create a houseboat that comes with all of the comforts of home – and more. You can choose from amenities like multiple rooms throughout the houseboats, as well as choosing from amenities like Hot-tubs and waterslides that can be experienced while renting the boat.

Located in Texas, Lake Travis is one of the most popular destinations for house-boaters that are seeking a weekend getaway or a full length vacation through the summer months. From the budget friendly options to the more than sixty feet houseboats that can be rented through Lake Travis houseboat rental companies, there is truly an enjoyable option for every budget.

What’s there to see while Houseboating on Lake Travis? Through the quiet coves that can be explored through the evening, there is always a sense of peace and quiet that can be found at Lake Travis rentals. Pulling the houseboat into a quite cove for the evening with a view of the shoreline lit by moonlight is a perfect way to end the day filled with water activities and exploring the shorelines.

Live music and entertainment fill the shores, as visitors can choose from some of the most popular restaurants on the lake.
While comparing the prices of Houseboat rental companies on Lake Travis there are many options that are available. Visiting just outside of the off-season can help the traveler to save on the cost of the rental and also help them to explore more areas of the Lake without being bombarded with people. On average, the customer can find a houseboat rental for between one and two thousand dollars for about a week of vacation, enabling the visitors to experience everything the lake has to offer while sightseeing around the lake in their very own tour boat.

Since Lake Travis is one of the most popular destinations in Texas, it is important to plan the vacation early and reserve a houseboat from one of the rental companies. Planning the vacation to Lake Travis early can be a great way to find the best choice of houseboats that are available from the rental companies and can allow the customer to take the time to compare the models of houseboats to ensure that the amenities are going to be up to par with their needs.

Living on a Houseboat


Houseboats have come a long way since the original style of barge houseboats that have been so popular in the past. From the one room houseboats that didn’t include washroom facilities to multiple room houseboats that have amenities from kitchens to water slides on the houseboats, it has never been easier to toy with the idea of living on a houseboat and spending your days on some of the most beautiful lakes and rivers in the world.

Here are some of the things that you should expect while living on a houseboat:

Though there are no costs that are associated with the rent for the houseboat if it’s owned, there are indeed costs that are charged to the owner for the docking fees and marina fees throughout the time that the houseboat is spent docked. These fees can vary depending on the marina and the size of the houseboat, as well as the amenities that are provided through the marina and should be considered in the budget.

Something else that houseboat owners often forget about in the budget is the cost of fuel for the houseboat. Not only is fuel required for the houseboat to travel, but also required for the houseboat to have electricity and the ability of homeowners to cook and complete activities on the houseboat. It is important to consider in all of these factors when choosing between the various models of houseboats that are available, helping to consider which price range of houseboats are affordable.

Finally, it is important to consider where you are going to live on the houseboat. Though some areas remain warm enough to live in the marina all year long, it is important to consider whether there are any off-season times of the marina in which the marina may be closed or times that it just might be too cold to live on the houseboat.

Considering the features and amenities that are available through the houseboat can help to consider whether you can indeed live on the houseboat all year round. If the houseboat is being considered for living, the owner should first consider the type of houseboat and whether the houseboat does indeed have the amenities present on the boat.

Speaking to people that have had experience living on a houseboat and are aware of the factors that should be considered can help to make the decision and ensure that the potential houseboat owner is aware of what’s involved in living on the boat – as chances are, it’s different from the two week vacation you were planning through the high season.

What to Look for When Buying a Used Houseboat


Houseboats are available new from the manufacturer, but potential owners can save thousands of dollars by making the decision to buy a used houseboat. Many models and brands are available through purchases from online classified websites, boat trading magazines and even through websites that allow customers the option to buy used houseboats from rental companies. However, there are certain things that should be considered when buying a used houseboat.

Here are some of the things that should be considered when buying a used houseboat:

Previous Use

Houseboats that have been owned by individuals are often subject to less use than houseboats that have been used as part of a rental company or tour group. This should be considered, because the use of the houseboat can widely affect the price that is being offered for the boat. In addition, usage through a rental company means more wear and tear that has been created on the houseboat, which can potentially result in more repairs that must be made to the boat.


The new owner should compare the cost of the boat with other similar models of the same year, as well as considering the cost of a new houseboat. Comparing costs between the types of boats can help the owner to find the best price for the boat and ensure that they are getting a competitive deal when it comes to the boat. A houseboat is a large purchase that can cost upwards of one hundred thousand dollars, depending on the style of boat that has been chosen and should therefore be considered before being purchased.


Has the houseboat been inspected? Before the purchase of the boat is completed the buyer should have the houseboat inspected to ensure that there is no major damage through the components of the boat that is going to cost money before using the boat. An inspector can be hired to inspect the boat and provide the buyer with peace of mind and can also help the buyer to understand potential repairs that may be required to complete in the future.
While buying a used houseboat it is important to consider all of the above elements, including where and when the houseboat has been used as well as the age of the houseboat. Considering all of these factors and comparing the prices of the houseboats that are available can be an effective way to ensure that the owner is going to find the best houseboat for their needs.

Where to Find Houseboat Plans


Rather than spending upwards of one hundred thousand dollars on the purchase of a houseboat there are many people that choose to build their own boat. Building your own houseboat can enable you to save money and there are many options available when it comes to the size, features and amenities and even the type of houseboat that is going to be built.

Here are some of the places that builders can find houseboat plans to enable the building of the houseboat that can be used for vacations along the river and lake or even to live in through warmer climates and extended vacations that are scheduled through the summer months.

Some of the places that houseboat plans can be found include:

Houseboat Manufacturing Companies

There are some houseboat manufacturing companies that actually provide the customer with building instructions. These companies have a series or line of houseboats that are suited to customers that would like a DIY or building project to work on, resulting in a houseboat.

With instructions that are created perfectly in line with the quality associated with the convoy of houseboats available, the instructions often include detailed supply lists and steps that are required to build the houseboat and can allow the builder to determine the space and tools that are needed to complete the job.

The Internet

People that are trying to make their houseboats can find a wealth of information that is available through the internet. Using the internet, the builder can find free and paid plans that can include detailed instructions through the use of a booklet that can be downloaded and printed, but also information that can provide the customer with the information that they need to build the houseboat and learn the techniques that are required.

Houseboat Books

There are an assortment of books that are available that can be used to learn how to build houseboats and how to craft barges that can support the houseboats while on the water. Whether you are seeking full houseboat plans or you are seeking articles and books that can help to troubleshoot the building and design process, there are a number of books that are available for customers to choose from through local book stores, online book stores and even books that can be checked out from the local library, for free.

Houseboat plans are designed for people with experience in building and access to the tools that are required to build the boat. The owner can choose from a simplistic design or a design that is going to effectively create a houseboat that can be lived on through the building process.

Five Things to Consider Before Renting a Houseboat


Planning a relaxing vacation floating down a river or renting a houseboat to float down one of the most popular Lake destinations can be a great way to enjoy a vacation with friends, or to reconnect with family members spending time on the lake enjoying water sports and time together. Renting a houseboat can enable anyone to plan a vacation to spend time with friends and family. Here are five things that consumers should consider before renting a houseboat:

Houseboat Insurance

Consider the insurance that is required on the houseboat, but also the insurance that is obtained by the house boat rental company. This can help to protect the consumer and help to budget for the cost of the houseboat. Paid on a daily basis or weekly rental, the insurance should be factored into the cost of the houseboat rental.

Houseboat Capacity

There is a reason that houseboats have a certain capacity. It is important to pay attention to the capacity and ensure that the limits are adhered to for the safety of the people that are going on the house boat vacation.

Cost of a Houseboat

It is important to compare the costs that are associated with the houseboat. Comparing the costs of the houseboat can be an effective way to ensure that the vacation is affordable. While planning the vacation, it is important to realize that some houseboats can easily hold up to fifteen people and therefore splitting the costs between the people on the vacation can be an effective way to find the best rates and create a vacation to remember.

Houseboat Amenities

Taking into consideration the amenities that can be found through each of the houseboats that are being considered can help to narrow the choice of the rental. There are many options that are available, including options that can include full kitchens on the boat, multiple bedrooms or even amenities like Jetskis that are included in the rental. Alternatively, the person planning the vacation can choose between other options, like hot tubs and other features to increase the leisure of the vacation.

Houseboat Location

Comparing the costs and services between various locations, as well as the activities that are found through each location can help the person planning the vacation to make the final decision when it comes to not only which houseboat is going to be rented, but the location where the houseboat is going to sail. This way, the best decision for the family or friends can be made to ensure that everyone is able to enjoy the vacation.